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What the London Biofoundry can do for You

Offering the full stack Biofoundry

At the London Biofoundry we offer a complete set of equipment to realise the Design – Build – Test – Cycle that drives Synthetic Biology research. Starting with genes, we can assemble thousands of DNA constructs per week and automatically transform them into production host organisms, grow them in controlled environment and analyse their productivity in high throughput. Alongside standard lab equipment for protein and cell culture work we have 3 automation platforms to support large bio-engineering campaigns coupled with our in house analytics instruments for HPLC and LC-MS analysis.

And all operated by our dedicated and experienced team of research professionals.


Labcyte Echo platform 525 & 550

We use the Echo acoustic liquid handlers to transfer tiny volumes - 2.5 and 25nl at high speed to assemble thousands of reaction with unparalleled speed and accuracy per day. This system can be used for drug screens, automated DNA assembly protocols, RNA based reaction setup, CRISPR screens and bespoke assays.


Analytik Jena assembly platform

Our bespoke assembly platform with fully automated plate handling and 2 automated independent pipetting stations, plate reader and PCR cycler can be used for purification workflows for minipreps, DNA and RNA purification and automated transformations of bacteria and yeast cells.


Analytik Jena characterisation platform

Our characterisation platform combines an automated incubator with 2 independent liquid handling robots, plate reader, automated platform wide plate handling and cooled off-sample stations. We run bespoke bacterial growth experiments to study metabolic processes in great detail.


Agilent Fragment Analyzer and
Perkin Elmer Labchip

We use these 2 automated analytic instruments to study DNA, RNA and protein samples in high throughput with up to 96 samples per run.


Flow Cytometer BD Fortessa

Our 3 laser line state of the art flow cytometer allows for routine and high accuracy single cell measurements for a range of cell types.


Cell Sorter Biorad S3

We use the 2 laser cell sorter to screen populations for single cells and enrich for subpopulations based on fluorescence signal.



We use the AKTA for semi-automated purification assays to support work we do on enzyme and material development.


Agilent HPLC

1290 Infinity II LC with Diode Array and Refractive Index detectors


Agilent LC-MS

1290 Infinity LC and 6550 Q-ToF MS