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Our facilities
have everything you need to fast track your biology

Take a look at the equipment below


SYNTAX DNA printer

DNA Script enzymatic DNA printer for in-house oligo production

Access Platform

Automated SCARA platform for Echo 550 with plate handling for integrated workflows.

AJ platform

Automated platform with 2 AJ Felix liquid handlers, Liconic incubator, plate reader and Precise Flex for automated feedback culture in 20x96 well plates.


Rapid analysis of DNA and RNA samples for routine and NGS QC.

PE LabChip

HT analysis of RNA, DNA and protein samples

PIXL Colony Picker

Colony picker with fluorescence detection, picking 700 colonies per hour


Illumina sequencer for 4M PE 150 reads for amplicons, CRISPR QC and small genomes


Oxford Nanopore MinION long read sequencer

S3 Cell Sorter

BioRad S3 GFP/RFP cell sorter

Ambr250 modular bioreactor system

4x250ml bioreactor system with live OD and off-gas analysis system for cell line development


Automated HPLC purification system for proteins and nucleic acids.

Agilent LC-MS

LC-MS system for highly sensitive proteomics and metabolomics studies

Nikon Ts2

Nikon Ts2 Cell culture microscope with GFP/RFP fluorescence and Camera

Innova Incubators

Heating Shaker systems for cell culture

Echo 525 and 550

Super HT acoustic liquid handlers transferring in 2.5 and 25nl steps for drug screen, automated cloning, cell-free systems, enzymatic assays.

Biomek i7

Liquid handler with 96 and 8 channel pipetting heads and 2 grippers fully integrated with Echo, Clariostar and Liconic incubator


Multiple BMG Clariostar plate readers

Fragment Analyzer

HT gelelectrophoresis system for 3x96 well plates for DNA and RNA analysis and NGS QC.

AJ qTower

6 channel 384 well gradient qPCR systeme systems, enzymatic assays.

PIXUL Sonicator

96 well plate sonication device for cell lysis and NGS sample prep

PacBio Sequel 2E

PacBio long read sequencer for 8M long HIFI reads for large amplicons, 16S and whole genomes sequencing

BD Fortessa

Flow Cytometer for single cell analysis with 3 lasers.

Applikon 2-7L bioreactor systems

3 Bioreactors for 2-7L scale for microbial, phototrophic and mammalian cell culture

AKTA start

Automated HPLC purification system for proteins and nucleic acids

Agilent HPLC

HPLC systems with fraction collector for high sensitivity analytics and purification

Nikon Ti-2 Twin-Cam-TIRF

Nikon Ti-2 PFS Widefield and single molecule microscope with 2xPrime 95B cameras, dual TIRF,3 laser and environmental chamber for high-content long-term life cell imaging and single molecule studies

Kuhner Incubators

Heating/Cooling incubator systems for cell culture

Sorvall Centrifuge

High-Speed centrifuge for up to 6L volumes

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