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Case Studies

We work with a range of academic and industry organisations to deliver biology solutions that utilise the latest technology with modern project design.


Prokarium is a London based biotechnology company pioneering microbial immunotherapies. Leveraging recent advances in Synthetic Biology the Biofoundry supports the protein and strain engineering efforts in a close collaboration, which sees a team of Prokarium scientists working with our team in the Biofoundry labs at the I-Hub.

After a very successful project in 2021, Prokarium is expanding our collaboration in a next phase to 2023. This project will make extensive use of the Biofoundry’s directed evolution and strain engineering workflows and leverage cutting-edge technology platforms including enzymatic DNA synthesis, automated cloning pipelines, flow cytometry, Illumina and PacBio next generation sequencing workflows. After screening hundreds of designs, the best strains will be tested in automated microscopy assays, continuous culture platforms and ambr250 bioreactors and LC-MS systems before advancing into Prokarium’s in-house pipeline. >Press release


FabricNano was founded by Entrepreneur First graduates in 2018. The team pioneers a novel approach to cell-free enzymatic production of a broad class of chemicals on a sustainable platform.

The Biofoundry supported the FabricNano team with the automation of combinatorial DNA scaffold assembly and enzymatic assays on the AJ automation platforms. Also, Applikon bioreactors were used to support large-scale production campaigns of enzymes employed in FabricNano’s flow bioreactors.


Multus is a young company started in 2019 by Imperial graduates supported by IndieBio and Innovate UK grants. The Multus team is focussed on innovation in the development of environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced growth media to the cultivated meat industry. Their R&D focuses on the development of low-cost, scalable alternatives to fetal bovine serum, that is going to enable the mass adoption of cultivated meat by everyday consumers. The Biofoundry provides Multus with expertise and access to its cutting-edge platforms for protein engineering, bioreactor-based production and complex analytical solutions including HPLC and LC-MS analysis. Properties of novel media formulations are then tested on the Biofoundry’s high-throughput live-cell imaging systems.

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